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Bilibili video downloader

What is Bilibili ?

Bilibili is also known a B site. It is a video sharing platform that allows its users to share videos. Bilibili was developed in June 2009. It was discovered by Xu Yi and its headquarters are in Shanghai, China. 

Bilibili also offers a free plan and a premium plan. In the premium plan, users can find some more interesting stuff according to their interests.

What is the FYI Downloader?

FYI downloader is one of the safest and easiest online downloaders. It allows its user to download videos, from various apps and websites. This downloader is free and easy to use. Also, it allows you to download videos in audio format if they are available. You can download videos in various formats including MP4 and MP4A.

Does my device compatible with Bilibili?

Any device with a reliable internet connection and an updated internet browser can use Bilibili by going to its official website.

If you are an Android user and want to download the Bilibili app, so your device must have OS 6 or above to run this app.

Whereas, if you are an iOS user, then you can find the Bilibili app on the App store. To run this app on an iPhone and iPod Touch, you need iOS 12.2 or later.

What does Bilibili is used for?

Bilibili is used for the purpose of entertainment. It consists of different amazing videos, movies, animes, and TV shows. Here, you can find videos by region, language, release date, and genre. Bilibili also offers a premium category that gives access to premium videos. But, if you do not want to invest any money, you can use it for free as well.

What type of media you can share on Bilibili?

You can share videos on Bilibili. Users have shared numerous movies, anime, short videos, and more on Bilibili.

How to share videos on Bilibili?

You can find various movies, videos, animes, and so forth, on Bilibili. Also, you can share your own videos on this platform. For sharing your own videos, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Bilibili website.
  • Tap on the ‘Create’ button on the top.
  • Select ‘Upload video’.
  • Choose the video you want to upload, and you are done.

How to download videos from Bilibili?

Downloading Bilibili videos using an FYI downloader requires minimal effort. 

Just open the Bilibili app or website and copy the link of the video which you want to download. Now, open the Bilibili video downloader, and paste the copied link into the given area or box. Then, tap on the ‘Download’ button and choose the location where you want to save your video. Eventually, your download will start and once your video will be downloaded completely, you can always find it in the download folder of your device, or in the folder where you have saved it.

Where can you find the downloaded Bilibili videos?

The video after the download usually gets saved into the download folder of your device. But, if you have chosen a different location at the time of download, then you can find your videos in that specific location only.

Online Bilibili video downloader?

There are various downloaders available over the internet that let you download the Bilibili videos for free, but not all of them are safe and secure to use. Some of them download the unnecessary files or sometimes harmful videos along with the videos you have downloaded. One of the best Bilbili video downloaders is the FYI downloader. By using this downloader, you can download Bilibili videos easily for free.

How to download Bilibili videos FYI downloader?

You can download Bilibili videos simply by pasting the link of the video you want to download.

For doing so, copy the link of your desired video on Bilibili. Then, open the FYI downloader and paste the link into the rectangular box and tap on the ‘Download’ button.

Is FYI downloader free to use?

FYI downloader consists of various other downloaders including the Bilibili video downloader, it is completely free to use. You can download as many videos as you like for free.

Is FYI downloader safe to use?

FYI downloader is one of the safest downloaders to use. It gives priority to the privacy and security of its users. Its Bilibili video downloader is safe and secure and does not share your data with any third party. It does not keep your passwords or other sensitive data. Additionally, unlike many other video downloaders, FYI downloader does not download unnecessary or harmful files on your device.

Are there any limits on videos you can download using the FYI video downloader?

No, it is a free tool that has no downloading limit. You can download any number of Bilbili videos using FYI downloader.

Can I watch these downloaded videos later?

Yes, you can always find these videos in the download folder of your device. Or, if you have saved it to the other location, you can find them there and can watch them later.

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