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Flickr Video Downloader

What is Flickr?

Flickr is used to share photos and videos online. It is widely used by photographers to share their skilled photographs and videos with users. Flickr was introduced in the year 2004 on February 10, by Ludicorp. Anyone can create a free account and can share their masterpiece with the world. The images and videos on Flickr are used by various researchers and bloggers in their blogs. 

According to Flickr, they have two goals. One is to provide a platform where people can share their photos with those who matter to them. Second, for being able to create new ways for organizing pictures and videos.

What is the FYI Downloader?

The FYI downloader is a website or can say a free tool that lets users download audio, videos, or other media content from various platforms. It is a trusted platform that is used by many people. Unlike other downloaders, the FYI downloader does not ask for unwanted permissions on your device, thus it is safe and secure to use.

It offers its users to download videos or audio from various platforms such as Flickr, Blogger, BluTV, ifunny, Bilibili, and so on.

Does my device compatible with Flickr?

You can use Flickr on your Browser if it is updated and you have an internet connection.

Whereas to use it on your mobile phone, you can download its app. To download the Android app, go to the Play Store. You need Android 5.0 or later to run this app.

Well, if you are an iOS user, you are required to have iOS 13.0 or later if you are using iPhone or iPod Touch. To use the Flickr app on iPad and Apple TV, you need iPadOS 13.0 or above and tvOS 9.0 or above, respectively.

What does Flickr is used for?

Flickr is used to host images and videos online. It is also used by researchers, students, and bloggers to find relevant images for their website content, assignments, and other purposes. Users can join Flickr for free, can upload their clicked pictures, and can showcase their photography talent.

What type of media can you share on Flickr?

You can share photos and videos on Flickr.

How to share images and videos on Flickr?

To share images or images from a desktop:

  1. Login to your Flickr account.
  2. Locate the upload icon, which is present on almost every page.
  3. Choose an image or a video from your PC and click on ‘Open’.
  4. Add the details of your media.
  5. Confirm owner settings and click on ‘Upload’.

To share images or videos from iOS:

  1. Click the ‘+’ symbol after opening the app.
  2. Press the thumbnails, choose the pictures or videos from your device to upload, or tap the Camera icon to take a new photo. 
  3. Click on ‘Next’ when all items have been chosen.
  4. Use the editor to make any improvements (if required).
  5. Click on the Arrow icon placed in the upper right corner.
  6. Add the photo’s title, description, location, level of privacy, etc.
  7. Select Upload.

To share images or videos from Android:

  1. Open the Flickr app and tap on the camera icon.
  2. Tap on the image on the bottom left corner of your phone’s screen. This will open up your phone’s gallery.
  3. Select the images and videos you want to upload and then click on ‘Done’.
  4. Add the details of your media and then tap on‘Upload’.

How to download videos from Flickr?

You cannot download videos on your device directly from Flickr, you are required to use a downloader. You can search for an online downloader that is safe and trusted.

Where can you find the downloaded Flickr videos?

The videos you download are usually saved at the location that you have chosen at the time of download. Or, you can find the downloaded videos in the download folder of your device until you do not delete them.

Online Flickr video downloader?

The FYI downloader or the Flickr video downloader is a free tool that enables users to download as much audio and video as they want. It is a reliable website that values its visitors’ privacy. It differs from many other downloaders that draw malware into the devices of their customers, ask for pointless access, alter devices, and install irrelevant things along the main file. The FYI downloader, however, is different from such downloaders. 

As it is risk-free and secure. It does not request any additional permissions or other actions that may harm the user’s privacy. Therefore, it is most recommended you use the FYI downloader if you want to download Flickr videos for free.

How to download Flickr videos using FYI downloader?

Downloading Flickr videos from the FYI downloader is simple. Just go to Flickr and copy the link of the video that you want to download. Now, open the FYI downloader, paste the copied link in the link box, and press the ‘Download’ button. Select the location where you want to save it, and your download will start.

Is FYI downloader free to use?

Yes, the FYI downloader is completely free to use. Users are not required to share any bank or card details. This downloader lets users downloader as many videos as they want for free.

Is FYI downloader safe to use?

Yes, the FYI downloader is absolutely safe and secure to use. It does not contain anything that could be unsafe for users. It also does not download additional files or malicious files on the user’s device along with the actual download.

Are there any limits on videos you can download using the FYI video downloader?

No, there is no limit on the number of videos you can download using the FYI downloader. You can download unlimited videos using the FYI downloader for free. In case, you are unable to download a video from the FYI downloader, then the video might be private or deleted, or it might be an internet issue.

Can I watch these downloaded videos later?

Yes, you can always watch the downloaded videos later if you have not deleted them. You can find them in the downloads folder of your device or the folder in which you have saved that particular video. 

Is using FYI video downloader legal?

Yes, using the FYI downloader is 100% legal. It does not contain anything that is restricted or prohibited. It is a safe and trusted platform.

Does this Flickr downloader work on private videos or photos?

No, private videos or photos cannot be downloaded using the FYi downloader due to privacy issues.

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